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Finding customers is difficult for anyone, but especially for those who work in industries that aren’t accustomed to heavy marketing.

One of the challenges for industry professionals (such as photographers, designers, architects, general contractors, landscapers, electricians, roofers, and other skilled professionals) is that bigger firms or companies may show up more on search results because they are the ones who usually invest in SEO. 

That means that in order to gain these customers, freelancers and other professionals must rise to the top of Google search results. 


Importance of Local SEO
for Self-Employed Individuals or Freelancers

Establish Online Presence

Find and reach more people.

Build Your Reputation

Let others know what you have to offer.

Dominate Organic Searches

Connect with potential customers.

Gain Website Traffic & Visibility

Get leads from your website.

seo services for businesses and professionals

Your potential customers may conduct a quick search on their search engine, and then end up calling one of the top-ranking companies on search results. And this is a pressing problem that you need to address.

As most business owners and marketers are well aware, ranking on Google search is easier said than done. This is why freelancers and self-employed individuals would benefit greatly from a localised SEO strategy done by SEO professionals.

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SEO Strategy for Freelancers and Self-Employed Professionals

Yes, freelancers and self-employed individuals, in general, are extremely busy, working tirelessly to meet deadlines. The majority of your business comes from mutual connections and word-of-mouth publicity done by previous clients. But if you want to expand, they must do something extra. Here are some things you need to consider.

Save time and money.

Earning new leads through organic search has a lower cost-per-acquisition than paying for clicks through Google Ads campaigns. Furthermore, targeting search intent is a more effective way of reaching your target audience than contextual advertising. By investing in SEO, you can ensure that your brand is seen by the right people.

Get quality organic search traffic.

It is a proven fact that contractor SEO services will drive massive amounts of organic search traffic to your website. However, search engine optimization does not generate leads overnight. It’s a long game that requires perseverance.

In general, it takes about three months for search engines to begin crawling and indexing your content. Quality traffic will begin to convert if your content ranks for relevant searches and on the first page.

Gain competitive advantage.

Larger firms may have a larger marketing budget, allowing them to stand out among your local search audience.

However, a larger marketing budget does not always guarantee the best results. Instead, a well-optimized, robust website with an influx of consistent backlinks and fresh content can make or break your competitive advantage.

Build Reputation & Word-of-Mouth Advantage.

Before hiring a contractor, most people will conduct a few Google searches. If your company continues to appear in the search results, they will begin to wonder what all the fuss is about and will visit your website.

Provide solutions for your target audience.

One of your content marketing objectives should be to answer your customers’ questions before they ask them. While the goal of your website is to increase conversions, you should also provide your audience with educational content.

Consumers, at the end of the day, are looking for solutions to their problems. They are drawn to authoritative websites regardless of where they are in the marketing funnel. Consumers are more likely to convert if you can provide them with the contracting solutions and answers they require.

Lower marketing costs.

SEO is not free, but the investment has a greater reach and a longer shelf life than traditional marketing tactics.

The more time you devote to your local SEO for contractors, the more visible your website will become, and the less money (and time) you will have to spend on acquiring new clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion Content

SEO is important because it helps you drive organic traffic to your website (meaning you don’t have to pay for Google ads) and because many people start their search for new products and services on search engines.

Freelancers and other industry professionals aren’t likely to have a huge marketing budget. Our SEO package helps you to optimise your website so that you have better chances of being found in search engine results.

Plus, when people are looking to solve a problem, they often turn to search engines. If your startup has a product, service or information that helps future customers solve a problem, you’ll definitely want to show up in those search results for more visibility.

We can build a search engine friendly website for you or we can fix and optimise your existing website for you.

You should see regular conversions, leads or enquiries coming from your website.

As soon as you reach the first page of search results for keywords related to your profession, you’ll see your website traffic slowly improve and more customers reaching out to you.

Our job is to deliver the results and to provide you with monthly reports of our progress and your website’s performance.

We’re not a typical SEO agency. We’re a team of SEO and web development professionals who are passionate about having a people-centric approach to our service.

In addition, we believe that it’s cost-efficient to hire SEO professionals who know what they’re doing. If you want to see results, it’s best to consult experts with years of experience ranking websites on search engines.