Useful SEO Tips for Lawyers

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Law Firm Marketing: SEO for Lawyers and More

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is challenging. This is especially true for law firms, where the competitive environment limits firms’ ability to reach potential clients looking for their services.

It can be difficult to master the art of search engine optimization (SEO) for law firms.

Although most law firms recognize the value of having a website, many are unfamiliar with search engine optimization (SEO) or organic traffic. When done correctly, SEO can boost lead generation and position your law firm high on search engines such as Google.

Here are some tips to boost your SEO and get the results that you need.

Why Is SEO for Lawyers Effective?

Clients and customers who use search engines to review businesses and organizations receive ratings. On smartphones and other mobile devices, consumers and clients conduct a large number of searches that yield local results. For local searches, reviews are strongly aligned with ratings, making them increasingly important to all businesses, including law firms.

Google is the most popular search engine in terms of volume. It’s also the most popular, which makes Google My Business and Google Reviews critical for law firms. In fact, depending on whether the numbers are examined monthly or yearly, Google has captured between 87 and 93 per cent of the market share across all platforms. They control more than 95 per cent of the mobile search market.

So, if you want your law firm website to get clicks – that is, visits from potential clients – you must rank on the first page.

And it’s not just about appearing on the first page of search results. It all comes down to where you rank on the first page.

Most Google searches take less than a minute. That’s less than 60 seconds spent perusing the search results before deciding on a firm to contact. If you want the phone to ring, you must rank near the top of Google’s first page of results.

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Useful SEO Tips for Lawyers

seo tips for lawyers looking for clients

1. Identify Your Keywords 

The first step in SEO for lawyers is determining which keywords you want to rank for on search engines. Begin with your primary practice areas and broaden your keywords to include related terms.

It is best to use an SEO tool to assist you in identifying, tracking, and optimizing your keywords. Moz and Semrush are two examples. If you’re looking for free options, Google Trends can assist you in tracking keyword search trends over specific periods, and Answer the Public can assist you in identifying relevant searches and questions.

2. Incorporate Keywords

Once you’ve researched your keywords and determined which ones have a high search volume but low competition, you’ll want to incorporate them naturally into your home page, landing pages, and additional content such as blog posts.

Consider creating distinct landing pages for various keywords or phrases. This strategy increases your visibility by providing more detailed and useful information for each search query.

Make sure to include local keywords as well. Going local makes it easier for people in your service area to find you; if you incorporate your location into your web content, you’re more likely to appear on a “near me” search.

3. Create Useful Content

Creating blog content helps your SEO in several ways. Adding consistent, fresh, and relevant content can help you rank higher. You enhance the user experience by providing useful information to potential clients that highlight your expertise in your practice areas.

Blog posts allow you to delve deeper into related keywords that appear on your homepage and landing pages. Creating useful content allows you to cover a wide range of search queries, increase your online visibility, and establish your authority in the field. When you post valuable content, potential clients will find it easier to find you online and will be more willing to trust your law firm.

4. Reviews/Google My Business

If your law firm has not yet claimed or activated a Google Business Profile account, you should do so as soon as possible. Google Business Profile is one of the best ways to control how your company appears in search results. Make sure your profile is up to date with the essentials: address, hours, pictures, and so on. This tool can also be used to post updates or links to content on your website.

There are numerous factors that influence how your Google Business Profile account appears in search results. The reviews are one of the most important. When prospective client searches and your business appears, they will be drawn not only to the relevance but also to the number of positive reviews.  

5. Measure Your Results

You’ll want to track your progress as you incorporate SEO tactics into your digital marketing strategy. This can include tracking how much traffic your site receives, which pages receive the most traffic, how many inbound links come into your site and the quality of these links, and other factors. Google Analytics and the Search Console contain a wealth of information, as well as the ability to monitor your DA score and much more. Create thorough baseline reports, as well as monthly follow-up reports. Continue to fine-tune your strategy as you gain more insight from your results.