SEOCon 2021: Our Experience at Crowdo

  • These guys helped me rank page 1 for “Pest Control” in Sydney


    These guys are incredible. Ranked page 1 for "Pest Control" in Sydney

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    I was a small business when I started. I’m now one of the top 5 pest control businesses in the whole of Sydney thanks to these guys.

    I went from 0 calls to 8-10 calls a day.

    It’s been over 4 years now and I’ve only had good things to say. If you want someone whos a killer at SEO, these guys are the one you should be contacting!

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  • Commercial Property Site


    I've used Arthur's links as part of my link campaign for a hard keyword. All links provided have been niche related and on...

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    Insane Keyword Competition

    It’s now been 8 months since I first used Maple links. Initially I signed up to use the service on a project that I ended up shelving so I stopped the service after 2 months. I was impressed by what I saw however, real natural links in Forums, a diverse mix of domains and accounts, and contextually accurate placements.

    So a few months went by while I worked on my new project and decided I should utilize Maple on that project and I’m now 12 months in:

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  • Shopify Site


    I went for the Premium package for two months, on my friend's ecommerce (Shopify) site, sending some...

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    Shopify Site

    Quick review of this service, I went for the Premium package for two months, on my friend’s ecommerce (Shopify) site, sending some links to category/collections pages and the odd product page, only a couple of links in total went to the home page of the site. We’re since seeing a nice lift in rankings and traffic, up 56% this month, now getting around 200 uniques a day.

    On Ahrefs it’s showing similar growth (though our actual traffic is actually like 4x – 5x the Ahrefs estimates):


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Link-building hasn’t become easier over the years, and SEO specialists are in a constant search of places to promote their websites.

Today we are going to look at a website that was largely underestimated for SEO purposes, and this is.

Nofollow links, India as a main traffic source and rigid content standards are just a few things that set SEO geeks off Quora.

Yet today you’ll discover why the benefits outweigh the cons significantly and learn everything you have to know to start promoting your website on Quora.

Why Bother with Quora ?

Every month, Quora serves over 500 million visitors. The community is huge, and a perfect place to build up your online presence and brand awareness.
The DR of Quora is 91. Despite the links being nofollow (more on that in a bit), their domain is very trustworthy and often shows up in search results.
Google never said that links built on Quora are disregarded or not taken into account.
Here’s what John Mueller said about link-building on Quora.

“Here is a good example of how something works”

”If you want to learn this in more detail, check out the article here”

If you can’t find a way to link your website properly in the main text – there’s a simple lifehack that will make your link look natural. Simply put a heading that says “references” or “sources” (as they do on Wikipedia) at the end of your answer and that’s where you can leave a backlink to your site too.

Make your answer appealing.

Do you still remember some basic formatting guidelines that you’ve likely learned in school? Now is the time to use them! No need to get too fancy, but make your answer stand out visually.

Instead of writing a long paragraph with plain text, make use of headings, subheading, lists, bullet points, quotes. Other than that you can always attach an image or a video if it suits the context.

Spreading the word around your business on Quora (and especially building links) can be challenging. Yet you get rewarded with increased EAT, some traffic to your website and backlinks for diversification.

If you find that all of the methods described in our guide take way too much time – we don’t blame you!

What you can do is check out some that Crowdo offers. We will craft an entire promotional campaign for you and follow all the white hat practices to make sure you get feasible results!